Ro-Sham-Bo (RockPaperScissors) cannot get more exciting than this. There are quite a few RPS found in the App-Store these days but this one raises the standards! Not your regular RPS where your only task is to choose your move; in this little gem of an app, you also fight for the right timing. Pick your move too early or too late and you’ll lose!
So we brought an element of skill to a simple game like RPS. And with skills comes difficulty; so we also integrated different levels:

-Easy --> Slow and you are protected from choosing too early but not too late.
-Medium --> Slow with no protection; you have to choose at the right time
-Hard --> Faster
-Very Hard --> Even Faster
-Extreme --> Good Luck

Also in our modest opinion, a game as simple as RPS should not cost a buck, it should be free; so it is...

Why this RPS instead of another one?

  -Did we mention the cost ? FREE !
  -Fully animated
  -Under 2Mb download
  -Landscape mode can be set for left or right handed
  -Multiple levels of difficulty
  -Keep track of your score
  -Universal iPod-iPhone-iPad

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