Mobile Applications Development


CADRAN developers can help you with two types of mobile applications;
     - Webapp
     - Native mobile application

A WebApp is a web application that is specially designed and targeted for mobile browsers. There is no need for a specific device as long as it includes a mobile browser and there is an internet connection available. The WebApp can also be just an adaptation of your standard web site that is displayed when it is browsed from a mobile device.

A native mobile application is an application written specifically for a certain type of mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.). It will usually take advantage of advanced features that are available only on the device for which it is targeted (graphics, speed, storage). The native application does not suffer from some of the constraint of a webapp but it is usually more difficult to deploy.

With our solutions, you can more easily manage your business. The possibilities are endless and, above all, cost effective.

Contact our team so that we can evaluate with you the best solution for your business.

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